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Pay fast and easily

Open your iPAYst app, scan the iPAYst code, type in your personal PIN, and pay. Once entered, you'll never be asked about bank accounts or shipping addresses again.

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Leave your wallet at home

You don't have to take your wallet with you if you go out for dinner or for a shopping tour. With iPAYst, you can pay as you go with your smartphone.

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Always be safe

With iPAYst you can't lose money or your cards. iPAYst does not store any sensitive data on your device, so you don't need to be worried if you lose your phone.

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How it works





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Insert your cards

Simply insert your debit and credit card information once and choose with a finger tip in the future.

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Visit local or online business

As one of the most versatile payment systems you can pay with iPAYst in almost any type of business.

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Scan code to pay

Scan the code on your receipt, media or screen and confirm with your PIN to complete your payment.





Besides being a great method of payment, iPAYst has additional features that will make your life easier and much more comfortable.


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Discover Great New Places

You want to try a new restaurant, or want to shop at a different fashion store? With iPAYst you can easily see which stores offer our mobile payment service in Google Maps.

iphone air payment

Air Payment

Pay more comfortable in a restaurant than ever before – iPAYst provides you with the Air Payment function via Bluetooth a faster and at the same time a discreet payment processing.

iphone loyalty

Loyalty Program

Benefit by using loyalty cards from your favorite store or restaurant. Get information about discounts and special events. Be the first to know!

iphone 1click

One Click Payment

Paying in your mobile browser made easy: Simply click the iPAYst code in your smartphone's browser to process an online payment.

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Send Money to Friends

Need a way to reimburse your friends? No problem! With iPAYst you can easily send money from your credit or debit cards to a friend using the iPAYst code.


Print Media

With iPAYst you can shop now for 24 hours! Simply scan the deposited QR-Code from the shop window, in magazines or on banner, whether on the road or from home.


Security & Privacy

There are 5 security layers to authorize payment using the industry's highest encryption standards. Sensitive information is never stored on your device.


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Highest level of security

iPAYst has the highest credit certification, PCI Level 1. Furthermore, iPAYst data ecryption follows the military encryption standard, and your information is brute force protected. There are 5 security layers to authorize your payment. Therefore, iPAYst ensures utmost security for customers and merchants.

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Your privacy is important to us

What concerns many users is the privacy and confidentiality of their card information. iPAYst never stores the information on your device. We never send these to third parties. They are absolutely secure!

iPAYst security

Where to pay

Discover great new places with iPAYst. Location-based stores, store information, navigation to the stores, etc.

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Chang Grünwald
Ristorante Isoletta, Frankfurt
Casa Isoletta, Frankfurt
Guido Al Duomo
Hot Pot Gourmet
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